Citizen of Gotham City
Batman The Dark Knight #5 Review

This series is getting a lot of hate and I can see why, it’t not nearly as good as Batman or detective comics, hell it’s not even as good as Batman and Robin (the comic not that god awful movie that we will never talk about!) but to be honest i really liked this issue. Now saying that I really liked it is giving it credit obviously but I didn’t love it.

The good: The artwork is just great to look at. the characters are well drawn and one of my favorite villains are used and we don’t get to see enough of and that’s scarecrow. Now to come off the subject for just a moment I want to say that I love Christoper Nolan and what he has done for the Batman movie franchise but the only thing I didn’t like is what he done with scarecrow aka Jonathan Crane. Where as Cillian Murphy played a great character he wasn’t given enough time to be scarecrow thus scarecrow was pushed aside once again to be a recognizable villain for people who are not into the comics as much as I am thankfully this all changed with the release of Batman: Arkham asylum and become one of the best parts of the game and this brings me to my point, I love Scarecrow he can do something no other villain can do and that’s bring out the fear in the dark knight and that’s what he does in this issue with a surprise guest that everyone will be happy to see, no one will be dissapointed with his short but sweet issue.

The Bad: Now not everything in this issue is great I know what is going on in this issue but i had to go back and read up on past issues again to find out what is going on and that’s the downfall of this series, where as we see all different great batman villains you forget what the plot is all about remember that white rabbit girl? well shes nowhere to be seen. I could be on my own in thinking the plot is disappointing or maybe its because the other Batman series that is going on has great plots and better writing. Though the writing in this issue is good its jut not on par with the other running series.   

Final Verdict: If you like this series so far get this issue but if not then I wouldnt recommend it but , if like me, you are a fan of the scarecrow then you will be happy with it. the artwork is great and scarecrow is always pleasing to look at he’s so damn creepy! but like I said its not as good as Detective Comics or Batman Comics and I would stick with them for now at least.