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Batman #8 Night of the owls

It’s finally here, the start of Batman’s major story arc that will crossover to different members of the bat families comics and what a start it is. Much like the end of he Nightfall series, this kicks off with a weakened Bruce/Batman who is back in Wayne manor trying to rest. The talons attack fast as Bruce and Alfred quickly try to escape, Alfred heads to the bat cave where Bruce tries to fight off each owl member as he can but makes an escape for the roof. Again like Knightfall, Bruce is not wearing the bat suit but a dressing gown and doing his best to fight. Ultimately outnumbered he makes an escape for the chimney and leads to a secret entrance to the bat cave to meet up with Alfred. Unfortunately he is followed and the court of owls find out that it is Bruce Wayne who is the batman. Bruce at this point in time could care less about the court knowing that he is batman, he is just trying to survive.

Locking them self’s in a room in the bat cave Bruce opens the door to reveal a new bat suit that that looks a lot like the Ironmonger from he Iron man series from marvel comics. Batman does not fight the court at this time but rather shows them that he cant be hurt. This gives Alfred time to send out a message to the other hero’s of Gotham city, and members of the bat family, that He and Bruce have discovered that every major player that shapes Gotham city will be killed and must try to stop it, thus the tie-in begins and we will see this being played over the next few months in different issues of the batman series.

This issue is another near perfect issue from Scott Snyder. It plays out in good pace and you never lose track of the action. Again I would compare it to Knightfall as it has a similar story with some events that take place. It sets up the crossover story arc perfectly and gives the reader a sense of scare that the Court of owls have infiltrated (even the justice league have had a few run-ins with them.) A highly recommend this issue to any comic book fan! 

Batman: Night of Owls

Everything that has happened in the Scott Snyder run of Batman comics has came to the first big story arc of the year for DC. This story is to crossover into different DC titles that features most of the ‘bat family’ taking on the court of owls. Now anyone will agree with me that the Court of Owls story arc is one of the best to come out of the DC New 52 and it’s all coming to an epic conclusion. Will Batman finally put this new enemy to rest or has that dark knight finally met his match?

The idea to bring in the bat family had to be done as we know batman cannot take on the Owls by himself. Over the years batman has always called Gotham City, His city and all that has came into question over the past 7 or 8 months. Its not just one villain batman must face but the Court of Owls is a society of people that are Taking Gotham City back and its up to the Bat society to stop them, thus carrying the story into different DC books.

Scott Snyder’s Owls story has been one of my favorite since Batman RIP and its always great to watch the events unfold. This is something that i cant wait to get my hands on over the next few weeks and cant wait to see the epic end of this battle. Anyone who has not been reading Batman comics will not need to panic because if you are a batman fan you can always lift the Graphic novel that is set to come out after everything is reveled but I strongly recommend that people read through the first 7-8 issues of Batman because they have just go better and better as this story continues.


Books to include the Court of Owls:

  • All-Star Western #9
  • Batman #8-9
  • Batman Annual #1
  • Batman: The Dark Knight #9
  • Batwing #9
  • Batman and Robin #9
  • Birds of Prey #9
  • Batgirl #9
  • Catwoman #9
  • Detective Comics #9
  • Nightwing #8-9
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #9
Action Comics #6 review

Anyone who reads Grant Morrison knows what to expect by now, he likes to tease and confuse the fans and Action Comics is shaping up to be just that but at the same time entertaining as hell! I love the way Morrison has taken Superman’s origin story that we all know and love but made more out of it by bringing in the league of superheros and time travel. The issue opens with a group of villains plotting the downfall of earths strongest superhero, Superman, using the different kinds of kryptonite. It then sifts to superman and the league of superheros in a space station trying to repair the pod that superman arrived in back when he was just little baby Kal-El and this is where the action starts. The issue may not sound like a origin story but te league of superheros need to dive into superman’s memories and look at his past and that is how the origin is told.

The Good: First off I have to say, Grant Morrison, love him or hate him he is doing a great job with Action Comics and always keeps me interested and on edge with what is going on in the story be it the main plot or the back story. The art team bring their A game with this issue yet again as the comic comes to live with the use of colors and every character looks great this series is beautiful to look at. pacing seams just right as I never got bored reading it, unlike superman comics where there is a few times that i want it to hurry up, and have to say I love the extra little story at the end that just brings us more familiar with Clark’s life growing up in Smallville with the likes of John, Martha and Lana.

The Bad: The only bad thing i can say is that it does at times get a little confusing but not really a bad thing but something that a lot of people might get put off by this, there is also a lot of science talk in it and this can get a little jarring at times but not enough to put anyone off just make them think “o.k I can deal with that” but gives them reason for what they are doing. Sometimes the alien language can become annoying too.

The Verdict: All in all this is a great series to keep reading and the number 1 superman comic and, like I said, Grant Morrison is doing his best with the series and if you are a fan of his work you will not be disappointed definitely go pick up this book and get into the Superman series!

On a side not I just want to say this is also perfect for fans that got into superman by watching the TV show Smallville this is a good opportunity to see the real superman and how it should be done with parts of Clark’s life in Smallville so if you want to learn more about Superman and expand on the Superman universe get these issues! 

Detective Comics #6 review

This issue kicks off where the last issue ends with Jill Hampton and Jack Houston or better known as Chase and Snakeskin discussing their plans to get into the new hotel casino run by the penguin and blow it out of Gotham City. Batman is busy tracking down a criminal who we find out has been killed by Chase while also trying to keep his new love interest happy who comes in the form of Charlotte, a Lois Lane type reporter who goes deep into danger to get a story but also has a more personal interest which i will not spoil.

The Good: After Detective Comics #5 I thought this story line would start to go down hill but this issue brought it right back up again for me as there was no time I was bored or even let down by what was happening. Tony Danial again doing a great job with the series and his writing skills are first class when it comes to this issue. Before reading this issue I had a look at the IGN review and they said they had trouble following what was happening but I thought it was easy right amount of action, dialogue and monologue. Tony Danial and the team has done a great job with the art in this issue I didn’t see a part in the book that looked off or out of place so lots of credit for that.

The Bad: I cant help but feel that the Penguin, for now at least, does not feel like much of a threat and this issue does not help to big the penguin up for a good fight. This might be because of how good the dollmaker was as a villain. The cover is a little off putting to because we see batman fighting the penguin where as the issue does not have any conflict with the two. I think they could have made a cool cover with Snakeskin and Chase. 

The Verdict: I enjoyed this issue but again its best to read the past issue again just as a refresh of whats going on but I was not disappointed like I was with the last issue and for “DC comics flagship title” it’s still not on par with Scott Snyder’s Batman Comics or the currant run of Batwoman but still enjoyable. Has a great end to make me want the next issue and can tell that the series will get better and for anyone that read my Dark Knight issue 5 review can tell i’m a big fan of the scarecrow and looking forward to his appearance in the next few months. 

Batman The Dark Knight #5 Review

This series is getting a lot of hate and I can see why, it’t not nearly as good as Batman or detective comics, hell it’s not even as good as Batman and Robin (the comic not that god awful movie that we will never talk about!) but to be honest i really liked this issue. Now saying that I really liked it is giving it credit obviously but I didn’t love it.

The good: The artwork is just great to look at. the characters are well drawn and one of my favorite villains are used and we don’t get to see enough of and that’s scarecrow. Now to come off the subject for just a moment I want to say that I love Christoper Nolan and what he has done for the Batman movie franchise but the only thing I didn’t like is what he done with scarecrow aka Jonathan Crane. Where as Cillian Murphy played a great character he wasn’t given enough time to be scarecrow thus scarecrow was pushed aside once again to be a recognizable villain for people who are not into the comics as much as I am thankfully this all changed with the release of Batman: Arkham asylum and become one of the best parts of the game and this brings me to my point, I love Scarecrow he can do something no other villain can do and that’s bring out the fear in the dark knight and that’s what he does in this issue with a surprise guest that everyone will be happy to see, no one will be dissapointed with his short but sweet issue.

The Bad: Now not everything in this issue is great I know what is going on in this issue but i had to go back and read up on past issues again to find out what is going on and that’s the downfall of this series, where as we see all different great batman villains you forget what the plot is all about remember that white rabbit girl? well shes nowhere to be seen. I could be on my own in thinking the plot is disappointing or maybe its because the other Batman series that is going on has great plots and better writing. Though the writing in this issue is good its jut not on par with the other running series.   

Final Verdict: If you like this series so far get this issue but if not then I wouldnt recommend it but , if like me, you are a fan of the scarecrow then you will be happy with it. the artwork is great and scarecrow is always pleasing to look at he’s so damn creepy! but like I said its not as good as Detective Comics or Batman Comics and I would stick with them for now at least.

Action Comics #5 Review

I’m a big fan of Grant Morrison when he worked on the batman series and I love the direction he is going with the superman series. Action Comics starts of with yet a gain Krypton about to collapse into itself like a neutron star and Jor-El and Lara trying to find a safe place to go to escape this madness. now we all know the story and brings up things that we thought they could have done but then realise that they could not, for instance they try to escape to the phantom zone but general Zod has different ideas and threatns to kill the El family so it leads to little Kal-El bing put into the ship and blasted to earth. Now this is all back story and told well and is nice to see a stoy that we all know and love told again in a different way.

This issue is not perfect however but I do enjoy the brainiac construct narrating throughout the story and telling us what is happening bring time travel into it and you have a good superman story. the art is particularly great and helps move the story along. I did get a bit confused halfway through the comic but after a re-read it all came full circle. I do not recommend you read if you have not been following the series so far but it is shaping up to be a great start to the superman mythos. 

Hellblazer #287 review

Its time for John to visit hell… again!. After john gets his coat back he is pushed into going back to hell to find his sister after his niece is driving him crazy. this is the start of a story line that i’m looking forward to hear more from as it is starting to go deep into Constantine’s past and all the wrong that he has done and all the people that he has let go to hell.

The writers have done a good job establishing each character and gives a good reason to see John go back to hell. I also enjoy ho dark and Gothic the art is in this book so if you are a fan of horror comics you will not be disappointed. I never got bored of this series even after the trench coat business that went on this past few months and the art style is reminiscent of the suicide bridge annual that came out last month. This is the start of a new story line for John Constantine so if you are interested in horror and the supernatural you will not be disappointed and i recommend you pick up this issue.  

Batwoman #5 review

First off I just want to say, if you haven’t started reading Batwoman stop reading this review and go read it! its one of the best titles from DC’s relaunch… on second thought keep reading then go read the book ;) 

Kate Kane aka the Batwoman is wildly considered the black sheep of the bat-family. where as the likes of Robin and Batgirl have a somewhat close relationship with batman, batwoman likes to do things her own way and answers to no one and at first might put people off but this just adds more to the character. If you have been following the series so far you will know this is the end of the weeping woman story arc that kick starts a new one straight away and gives us a twist that I don’t think anyone saw coming.

The art style in this series just gets better and better its gorgeous to look at and the way they draw batwoman in the shadows looks just as threatening as batman. Both J.H Williams and W. Haden Blackman ave done a wonderful job and has to be one of the , if not the best looking comic from DC’s relaunch. This book has the perfect plot end and new opening, the right twist and a little cameo thrown in to make this one of the best the bat-family has to offer. Pick it up, you wont be disappointed!   

Batman and Robin #5 Review

Batman and Robin is fast becoming my favorite comic book from DC. this has to be the darkest robin by far. Damian is becoming a lose cannon this past few months. this time its all about Henri Ducard, his son Morgan and how he came to be the man he is and how much it mirrors Bruce and Damian’s relationship as father and son and we also get to know how twisted Morgans mind really is when it comes to “doing the greater good”.

The jump from the present to the past is a welcome in a batman comic and strange to see such bright art in such a dark comic but its a welcome and brings us back to the past. we all know Damian’s story so there is no point getting into it but I don’t think it will last long that hes turning to the dark side but it does make you think its possible that he will be pushed to the edge and his min will crack at some point.

I love the art in this series and this issue is no exception it really sets the mood for whats going on with Damian and with Bruce and leaves you satisfied but wanting more this issue seams like a breath before the plunge as it where because leaves us with a cliffhanger. not to spoil anything to much but will batman reach robin in time so he will not be lost for good to the madness of Morgan? we will find out next month!